Content as consultation

Before I got into tech, I was a rehabilitative exercise coach for people with severe back pain.

I was effectively a very specialized personal trainer.

This meant that I ran my own business and everything else that goes along with it.

One of the hardest things I had to learn was the sales process.

I had a simple routine that I ran through every initial session with a potential client.

  1. It consisted of spending the first 10 minutes asking them questions about their problem and what their ideal outcome was. The goal here was really to disqualify them as a patient. I would only proceed if we were a good fit for each other.

  2. Then I spent 10 minutes assessing their flexibility, posture and muscle balance to assess the severity of the problem and the extent to which I would be able to help.

  3. I spent the last 10 minutes explaining how I could help.

  4. First, I made sure I addressed any concerns. If a client was uncomfortable, or if they looked like they had something on their mind, I stopped my routine and met them where they were. I asked them what the problem was and just listened.

  5. If their concern was something I couldn’t help with, then that was the end of the session. I asked them to let me quickly sum up the benefits of my service and gave them a welcome pack incase they knew someone I could help.

  6. If I could address their concern, then I regained their attention, and I could explain how they would benefit from what I was offering. The focus being on what their lives would be like with me in it. I was offering people a hassle-free, guided tour to help them return to work pain-free. I was not listing out exercise techniques and the gadgets I was using.

  7. I offered people a choice of three packages: a basic package for people who were comfortable exercising on their own (and just needed a program designed), a higher priced option for beginners (which involved a lot of sessions initially and then tapered off as clients become more comfortable doing things on their own) and an intensive option which involved complete tutelage and message therapy (with one of the partners I found in the previous week).

  8. Then I popped the question, “So, do you feel that this kind of treatment is what you are looking for?”.

  9. If they said no, I asked why. If they said yes I pulled out my diary. If they hesitated, I still pulled out my diary and asked them which days would work best.

I’m bringing all of this up years later because I realize that this is the same fundamental framework I have to follow with content marketing. Each piece of content is effectively a mini-consultation and I can repurpose the exact steps I used in effective consultation is how a structure content for Chirr App.


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