This content stuff is too much

Should the goal of content be search rankings or virality? Are we meant to be writing for existing users or new ones? Do we write the content or should we be focusing on user-generated content?

So far I’ve gone through:

Did someone say course junkie? Yes, I know.

I know.

I just want to invest some time into writing some helpful content that helps the business grow. The more I learn the more lost I feel. Now I haven’t got a clue what to do.

Plausible got a marketing co-founder involved. They went from 2000 visits a month to 48,000 visits with their first blog post. The co-founder got them booked on podcasts, started posting on social media, and reached out to bloggers for backlinks. So far he’s published about 40 new blog posts, been on the front page of Hacker News multiple times, and they got more than 1,000,000 people to visit their site.

Jon from Bannerbear had a similar story. Once he got past the 5K MRR his approach was 7 days of code, 7 days of marketing, and then he’d end the cycle with a newsletter update on what’s new. Content seemed to be the key for him too. His recommendation is to find out what works for you then do more of it. For Jon, this was writing documentation and building tutorials.

Apparently, a pivotal moment came from listening to an Indiehackers + Ahrefs podcast with Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs. The approach they take at Ahrefs is to provide a ton of information upfront. Tim wants users to be so well informed before they sign up that by the time they are asked to convert, it’s a total no-brainer. This philosophy was the inspiration for what Job did at Bannerbear.

Listening to the podcast and looking through Plausible and Bannerbear’s blog, what struck me was that all their content covered how their product solves whatever they’re talking about.

I’m sure they listen to customers and do a bunch of SEO research to figure out what to write about. The key is that they answer the question in a way that is tutorial-esque. They show you how their product addresses the problem they’re writing about, in a very step-by-step tutorial-like fashion.

This all sounds kind of obvious. But I certainly wasn’t planning on writing SEO product tutorials when I thought about creating helpful content this week.

In terms of finding what works for me, something I’m quite comfortable and excited about is interviewing people. I think I can use these two reference points to get started.

Emulate what I like about the Plausible/Bannerbear/Ahrefs approach while also looking to interview people about interesting ways they use Twitter to grow their business.

One step at a time. I got this.


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