Treat content as product

Karthik Sridharan posted this tweet about treating each piece of content like a mini-product. It resonated with me. I’m new to content marketing. Product I’m familiar with.

First off this idea immediately pulls apart this idea that you have to churn out shitty content on a daily or weekly basis. I think that’s one of the things I’m most uncomfortable with as I’m slowly stepping into a content creation role.

I have no idea where this idea that you have to churn out volume came from but knowing that I can just focus on creating a single piece of top-notch, meaningful content is reassuring.

If I was building a feature on a product my first question would be to orientate myself to why we are building stuff and ask “what’s the problem”.

There is no reason I can’t do this with content.

We have loads of users at Chirr App and some of the jobs they’re trying to get done are handled by pour product. There a whole bunch of others where producing content might be a better solution.

Even if we didn;t have users I use search data to see what people are asking questions about around a topic, I could find what content has performed well by studying competitors or Buzz sumo, Reddit a Hacker News.

So I guess the first piece in this puzzle is being clear about who I’m writing for and understanding what they’re trying to do.


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