A Turnkey Service Designed To Help Small SaaS Businesses Convert More Of Their Visitors Into Paying Customers

You know your product’s landing page and sales funnel are not performing as well as they could — but you don’t know how to fix them.

Plenty of designers & copywriters out there offer website tear-downs, reviews, and audits, but at the end of the day, you’re paying for someone’s opinion of your website.

I don’t assume I know what will work. Instead, I combine vigorous research with industry best practices to come up with changes I am most confident will have the largest impact with the least difficulty. Then I AB test my suggestions for you and find out which changes actually have the most impact on your conversion rate.

How I Can Help Your Business #

My job is to help small SaaS businesses like yours diagnose and optimise their sales funnels so that they convert more of their visitors into paying customers.

To help your website reach its full potential, I will:

The result is a higher converting sales funnel and more paying customers.

I can only work with small SaaS businesses that have at least 1000 monthly page views. I enjoy working with small teams and early-stage SaaS companies the most (so less than 20 employees).

What Is Your Level Of Involvement? #

Improving your product’s sales funnel is easy. All I will need from you is:

Apart from this, there is no other involvement necessary. I may contact you if questions arise. I stay in touch throughout the process, typically short weekly progress updates via email or a quick call, depending on your preference.

How Does It Work? #

Research #

First, I need to understand what the problem is. This involves a conversation with you, where I listen and understand what you would like to change. Then I will analyze any analytic data and customer support transcripts that you have collected and are happy to share. I will find and research competing products and alternative solutions.

Design #

Once I have an understanding of what your customers want and how they behave, I will generate a list of hypotheses that we can test. These changes are based on research from the previous step and industry best practices. I then prioritise the tests I am most confident will have the largest impact with the least difficulty. Finally, I produce high fidelity mockups of the design and copy changes that we can test.

Implementation #

I write any front-end code necessary to implement the new changes. I will ask for some support from your tech team to install a code snippet on the original landing page. This will allow me to run the changes in an AB testing platform like Google Optimize or VWO. I will never have to touch your original code and can make all the changes and treatments without having to interfere with your technical team. The tests can be stopped at any point and everything will revert back to the way it was in an instant.

Analysis #

Once the tests are complete, I will present the results and discuss key learnings with you. We can then develop a plan of action for the future based on the insights we gain.

I will not redesign your website or sales funnel once the tests are complete. I will deliver mockups of the highest converting design so that your development team can make the necessary changes to your product. If you do not have a development team I am happy to refer you to people who can do this work for you.

How Much Does This Cost? #

I will diagnose and optimise your site to convert more of your visitors to paying customers for $500.

This offer is only valid while I am a student. I recently received a CXL Conversion Optimisation scholarship and I will be studying conversation optimisation for the next 12 weeks (ending August 31st 2020). I would like to work on real projects while I am a student.

This is the program I received a scholarship for. 

It’s 74h 37min of content in 12 weeks and I have to write an essay about what I learn each week. Here is all my documented learning on conversion optimisation so far.

How Long Will It Take? #

It depends on the amount of traffic your website receives and the number of tests we decide to run. The maximum duration for an optimisation sprint is 6 weeks. If I estimate your website will take longer than 6 weeks to optimise then I will recommend splitting the project into two separate 6-week sprints.

I’m Interested ⚡️ How Do We Get Started? #

Please complete the following application form to get started ( it takes about 20 seconds).

Book Your Initial Conversation To Get Started #

I will be increasing the price for this service each week that I am a student. It was $400 last week, it will be $600 next week, and so on till the end of the program (this was last updated on the 1st July 2020) .

If you have any questions or would like to contact me first, please send me an email at hello@joshpitzalis.com


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