Much more direct

I’ve been writing in this learning log for years.

It’s in public so there’s a minimum threshold to how incoherent it can be. I’m not journaling.

On the other hand, no one’s reading it so I don’t have to deal with the pressure of an audience.

A couple of thing have clicked int place recently. I discovered Tiago Forte’s whole second brain stuff a few months ago. This was super helpful because it meant collapse all of my many lists and drives and notes and into a single tool. I have thousand of book notes in Evernote already. the idea of turning Evernote into a single repository for everything never occurred to me before. It’s so much more functional now because I only have one place to look for everything.

Then last month I discovered 30x500 and this was a total game changer. The idea that I can use online communities to listen for problems people care about and then write your content in response to these problems blew my mind. Sounds really obvious in retrospect but using communities to source and scope things to write about just connected a whole bunch of dots for me. Being useful. Knowing what to write about. Having a clear scope for the question. Brilliant.

It is a salve for intellectual isolation.

And today I was listening to Sahil’s new book and I realized that I don’t have to fuck around with content marketing and building and audience. I can just knock on peoples doors and sell Chirr App directly to people who write threads one DM at a time.

Much more direct. Much less bullshit.


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