How do you start writing about something and become an authority on a topic when you don’t have any experience or qualifications?

Here’s a simple 5 step framework that helped me 👇

Step 1: Read one book a week 📚

I’m doing courses rather than books at the moment. I’d like to get back into reading though. Just bought a @blinkist membership to figure out which books are worth reading before committing to them.

Step 2: Summarise what you learn ✍️

Write one blog post a week outlining exactly what you learned from the previous week’s book. These summaries don’t have to be public, but you have to write them.

Step 3: Start helping people ❤️

Find questions people have about your topic in online forums, chat channels, on Twitter, Reddit, etc, and use what you’ve learned from your summaries to answer people’s questions. Don’t pretend to be an expert, credit your sources.

Step 4: Share actual results 📊

Apply everything you learn to your own life.

Then at least once a month, publicly share your progress and what happened as a result of applying the principles you learned.

Step 5: Ask for help 😵‍💫

Aim to have conversations with three experts a month. That means reaching out to a lot more. The more evidence you have of previous steps the easier it gets.

Understand what their challenges are and do your best to be of service to them in return.

This approach is adapted from an article I read years ago. I used it to level up my freelancing game at the time and I’m using it again now to level up my marketing game.


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