How do you make 💰 writing about stuff you ❤️?

Tom Hirst wrote a great little tweet that resonated with me…

This captures the essence of what good marketing is all about for me.

Shitty marketing is all about “Here’s why you should buy our stuff.” 💩 It’s uncomfortable. It’s forced and out of place.

Nobody wants to be ‘marketed’ to.

People care about their problems.

Good marketing is about helping people deal with their problems.

If whatever you’re selling solves a real problem then the transition to buying it will feel natural.

Great marketers build up a wicked understanding of the problem space. They understand where people are coming from and why they’re struggling with things. They can usually articulate someone’s problem much better than they could themselves.

They know what the recurring threads of discussion are in their space. Who the main players are, what the top blogs are, the most active forums, the best newsletters, the best books, which magazines to read, what YouTube channels to watch, which podcasts are worth listening to…they know because they’ve just spent that much time in the scene.

They are not lurking, they’re actively committed to improving the scene. They know what exists, and what people care about and they’re busy filling in the gaps.

That’s what good marketing is.

If you want to make money writing about stuff you care about then develop a keen understanding of where the gaps are. If you can bring that to the table, you can find people who will pay you to fill them.

There are hundreds of companies out there hiring content marketers and social media managers to figure out what these gaps are. These hired guns don’t give a shit about your space. They’re just going to pigeonhole some bullshit listicle into the first gap they find.

Put yourself in one of these company’s shoes. Imagine if someone showed up and told you what people care about, what already exists, what no one has done yet, and then they pitch you a 12-part series on how to sort this one untouched corner of the problem space out. And all you have to do is sponsor them.

You don’t have to recycle the most popular content into a fresh piece of garbage. You can connect the dots instead. Speak to the players, start important discussions, listen to what people have to say, and develop a genuinely useful cluster of content that makes the space better for everyone.

The way I see it, the tweet is back to front, the best marketers are the best experts.


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