There are few people as controversial as Chandra Mohan Jain. I neither support nor oppose his views. I introduce you to him because I think he has an interesting take on meritocracy.

Enter Chandra Mohan Jain…

There is every possibility that there will be no future as far as life is concerned.

For thousands of years man has been living in a way he has wanted to and he has simply forced the next generation to live in the same way. This is no longer possible.

Food security, human population, resource depletion, species and biodiversity decline, industrial pollution, population density and urban congestion, epidemics, and slavery are all part of the problem…but they are not the root of the problem.

The most important need for humanity is to understand that the ways of the past have betrayed them. There is no point continuing in this fashion because it will ultimately lead to global suicide- a new humanity is absolutely and urgently needed.

You have heard the words dependence and independence, both are unreal in terms of society. The reality is interdependence. We are an interdependent species, with each other and the world around us. Everything is interwoven.

It is a simple fact that the earth is undivided.

One world government was tried by the League of nations before the second world war, but it did not succeed. It was merely a debating club. As a consequence of the second world war, we were left with the united nations. The U.N. is as much a failure as the League of Nations was. It is merely a debating club. It holds no power.

A solution would be to make it a world government. Nations would have to surrender their armies and their arms to the world government. Under a one-world government, there is no need for armies, there would be no one left to fight.

Each prime minister of an existing country would become a member of the world government. Each member of the government would elect a world president. The only stipulation being that whoever is chosen must be from the outside. He can be a poet, a mystic, a dancer, but not a politician. Anything but a politician.

Humanity 2.0 would involve developing a new operating system. Not a patch on democracy…a complete upgrade: Meritocracy.

The idea that anyone who is 21 can vote is ridiculous. Why is age the decisive factor?

Rather than age let education be the decisive factor. Anyone who graduates from high school can vote.

In this way, mobocracy is destroyed.

And power is returned to the hands of the intelligent.

It is the responsibility of intelligent people to steward the masses away from self-destruction. If humanity destroys the planet and obliterates itself the condemnation will rest with the intelligent people of this world: “What were you doing?”.

I suggest we shift power from the mob to the chosen few. For the people, by the people, of the people…"of the people”, really?

You don’t elect a doctor. You don’t vote on who is going to do your child’s brain surgery because of the way they speak, the way they look on television, and the promises they make.

This is not democracy.

In the name of democracy, power-hungry people have been exploiting the masses.

It is not the fault of politicians that power is misused. It is like handing a baby a scalpel and expecting them to know how to dissect a frog. Wielding power is an art form. One that takes years of practice to master. One does not simply assume power. People in power undergo no training for their position.

If education is to be the decisive factor in voting then the nature of education must change. Education must become meditative. Every educational institution must adopt an institute of meditation. The institute will provide a simple meditation. There is no need for it to be complex, simply watching your breath is enough. You just sit silently and witness your thought patterns, while keeping your attention on your breath. Just be a witness, an observer, a watcher, looking at the traffic of the mind - thoughts pass by, desires, memories, dreams, fantasies. Simply stand aloof, cool, with no condemnation, no evaluation, no judgment. Once you get the knack of it, it is the simplest thing in the world.

There are a few things to remember. The first is to be relaxed- no fight, no control, no concentration. The second is watchfulness- just watch whatever happens. And the third is a suspension of judgment, just watch.

The body changes, the mind changes, the emotions change - only the witness remains the same.

You have to learn who to meditate to enjoy your emptiness.

Unless something transforms you, it is not meditation.

Meditation, in short, is nothing but creating a gap between you and your mind.

A university degree will only be granted when a clearance certificate from the institute of meditation is granted. You can graduate in one year, two years, three years, four years- but four years is too much. Any imbecile, if he just sits for one hour every day, doing nothing, for four years, is bound to find what Buddha or Lao Tzu found.

It is not a question of intelligence, talent, or genius. It is only a question of patience.

This post was a combination of selected passages from a book called The Golden Future by Osho.


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