Rules For Great Microcopy

⚡️Be specific. “Save” is not the same as “submit.”

⚡️Front-load meaning. Say “Continue,” not “Click to continue.”

⚡️As few words as possible. Never more than 1 sentence.

Microcopy is contextual. That’s why it’s so valuable. It answers very specific questions and speaks to concerns in context. A question that comes up in someone’s mind can be answered right there on the spot.

Great microcopy does these 3 things well:

⚡️It provides clarity, direction and instruction.

⚡️It confirms expectations and provides reassurance for decisions

⚡️ It keeps promises

Testing your interface with people is how you identify where you need microscopy. Watch people use your site, and pay attention to every question and hesitation.

That worst kind of error message is “You can’t do this, but we’re not going to tell you why.”

What’s important is “what has gone wrong and how to fix it”.

You can never leave people lost.

That’s the core principle here.

If you’d like to use microcopy to improve your product user retention I recently put together a free workshop where I walk through everything I know about how SaaS products can improve their user retention rate and keep more users for longer


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