Accountability Group Success

About two weeks ago, I came up with an idea for a remote accountability group. You get on a video call once a week and a group of strangers help each other set professional goals and stick to them. I posted the idea on Reddit with a link to a google form and 50 people signed up in the first week. That was a slightly better response than I was expecting.

There was no mention of paying for anything, so its not an indication of a viable business. But there was a response to the idea, which is a good start, it indicates that people who work for themselves do want help with accountability from a community.

So the next step was to build it.

There was a similar group that started on Indie Hackers. I joined that to support the idea and to see if we could join forces. We had our first call and it went really well.

Then Sumukh, my partner, set up Doodle to figure out scheduling for everyone that signed up. Scheduling across timezones was tricky. We bucketed people by group preferences, then sent our schedule invites to anyone in overlapping timezones.

Sumukh wrote out some basic guidelines for the call that we shared with Everyone.

We have each been a part of two calls so far and they have all gone super well. People are all joining for the same reasons.

The main question is will people pay for this. Should we continue to run this as a free side project or will people pay for this as a service?

Another question we have is whether it makes more sense to focus on freelancers on professionals or entrepreneurs. There is already a constitution of similar solutions for makers which is a good indicator of a viable business. On the other hand, I feel that remote freelance professionals will value this more.

So the next step is to build two landing pages for the product, one for remote entrepreneurs and one for remote freelancers and then try and market them both to see which one we can find more paid signups to.


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