Minimum Viable Personality.

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In 2011 a Giant Robot Dinosaur named Fake Grimlock wrote a guest post on how personality is critical to building a successful software product.

The dinosaur’s take was that building a product’s personality is that you just need to be able to answer 3 questions:

  1. How do you change people’s lives?
  2. What do you stand for?
  3. Who or what do you hate?

Now you have a mission, some values, and an enemy.

That’s your minimum viable personality.

The idea is to keep this in mind when you write, talk, blog or tweet. Build on what resonates, get rid of what doesn’t and your product’s personality will grow.

When people decide to use a product they look at two things, does it work, and is it interesting? The world is already full of things that work. Personality is what makes things interesting.

The bigger goal here is to switch out of selling stuff to strangers and think of it as making and helping friends instead.

In the words of the dinosaur himself


FakeGrimlock writes in all capital letters because, well, he is very big and very loud.


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