Twitter Game 💩

I got told my tweets are pretty shit yesterday.

Less volume, more story. That was the message.

It came at the right time too, I have not been feeling my Twitter game for a while now. I’ve just had a bunch of evergreen tweets on rotation and I’ve kind of disconnected from the whole affair.

So what do you write about? What is Twitter game?

I suppose the way I think about Twitter is like the cuttings on the floor. If your work is a studio creation then Twitter lets people know how it all came together. A front-row seat to the sausage being made.

The worst part about this whole story is that before I got told how shit my Tweets are, I was asked how Chirr App is going.

Message heard.

Loud and clear 🙏

I have turned all my evergreen tweets off and will start putting some more energy into letting you know what I am actually doing.


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