The two audience problem

I started using Twitter as a web developer. A few years ago I started helping SaaS improve its user retention metrics. Now I’m a cofounder for an app to write and schedule Twitter threads.

Now I’m unclear about who I am writing for or what I am helping them get better at.

I used @followerwonk to create a word cloud from the bios of all the people who follow me. It’s all over the shop.

Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 10.37.47 AM.png

If I just think in terms of how I can help people then I have a bunch of knowledge about freelancing remotely. I can talk about improving user retention and I have some experience with product analytics and experimentation.

But this is where I’ve been, not where I’m going.

Chirr App helps people write and schedule Twitter threads so I guess it would make more sense to talk about marketing, how to grow a social media audience and how to produce digital content. But what do I know about any of this? It’s all new to me.

I don’t feel like this is an edge case at all. Everyone is going from somewhere to somewhere. Especially with tech jobs reinventing themselves every few years. Don’t most people serve two audiences and in most cases they don’t align. In fact, it is rare that they would.

How do people reconcile being part of one group while building an audience and creating content for another? For example, let’s say you are a baker, you have mad baking skills and you know how to run a bakery.

How strange would it be if your baker constantly put out content on how to be a baker and run a baking business. I imagine their customers would want to know about how to keep their bread fresh, where to buy the best jams in town, maybe how to throw a wicked tea party.

If you just write about what you know then how do you learn anything new? How do you appeal to anyone but earlier versions of yourself? You just become this annoying meta-personality writing about writing, never actually walking the walk.

On the other hand, if you just talk about where you are going then you can’t re-use any of your past experience it takes a while before I’ll have meaningful insights to share. What do you do till then?

What am I missing?

Please help.


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