Validating The Accountability Group Idea

The idea is to see if freelancers will pay for a remote accountability group. A weekly call with other freelancers with roughly the same level of experience and similar professional goals. Each week you help each other set professional goals and stay accountable to them.

The business model is straight forward, $20 a month for one group call a week.

I thought of the idea by combing through the first 100 posts on the freelancer subreddit. I shortlisted any post that complained about something.

I managed to bucket most complaints into 3 broad categories, one of those categories was accountability. It’s easy to get distracted when you work for yourself, it’s always easy to push work to tomorrow, to watch Netflix instead of doing something important. This problem is not clear cut, accountability is just my label, the actual complaints were a mixture of loneliness, isolation, distraction, and procrastination.

I put together a short post on an idea for a remote accountability group and posted it in the following subs to see what people’s reactions were:

Basically any high volume subs that had people who work for themselves.

50 people signed up in the first week.

There was no mention of how much people have to pay for what. This is not an indication of a viable business. It is a response though, and that is a good start. This indicates that people who work for themselves do want some kind of professional community support.

The next step is to build a quick and dirty MVP to see if people will actually show up to the calls and follow through with them.


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