Which way is up?

Messaging is a really foundational part of growth work. We haven’t found our groove with this at Chirr App yet.

There are so many parts to this puzzle, I’m struggling to fit them all together.

At the top of the list, you have why people use our product. Their motivations for using Twitter at all. We can pin this down to ‘making a Twitter thread’ but that can’t be the right level of abstraction. I mean, why do people write Twitter threads? Ask ‘why’ too many times you just end up at spiritual happiness and world peace. Finding the right level of abstraction is key here, I’m listening for the thing that actually resonates with people.

Then there’s our value proposition. Motivation and value propositions are deeply linked, but they’re not the same thing. We need to give people a reason to buy from us. To make this a little more complicated, our core value proposition is free, so what are we actually selling?

Then there are anxieties and objections people have around the product.

We have several competitors, a bunch of reviews, some press, we also ran a survey, and I’ve done about 15 customer interviews at this point so I have a lot of bricks to build with here.

At the same time, there are levels of awareness. Some people show up and have no idea what a Twitter thread is, other times people are comparing us to our competitors, then you have people that just have the problem and want to know how it works.

I could put out a generic message that does a shit job of speaking to all three, or do I optimize the message for one group?

Let’s not forget Story. People think is stories. Whatever message we put out has to be crafter with some form of the narrative arc so that people can relate it on more than a purely intellectual level.

If we just dig into the storytelling aspect of messaging then there are loads of different shapes and frameworks for narrative arcs.

Forgive me if I feel overwhelmed.

All I want to do is tell people about our product.

I’ll get there, it’s just a lot of different ways to think about this stuff, and I’m never sure if I’m making progress in the right direction.


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