Writing for your former self.

I’m struggling with figuring out who I’m writing for at the moment.

I used to be a consultant, and my clients were product managers and founders, so the audience was always pretty clear-cut.

Now that I’ve jumped into Chirr App full time I have no idea who I’m writing for.

I decided to write with other tech founders like me. It was the least bad option. I’m not confident about it and I want a better way to think about this decision. On what basis do I decide who to write for?

I’m doing a program called Makers Mark and it helping me think about how to build an authentic audience. So I posed my question to the group

I got two bits of helpful advice. The first was that the answer doesn’t have to be written in stone. You can try one group for a while, see how it feels, and then wiggle around a bit and try writing for someone else. The point is you can be flexible here.

The other bit of advice I got was to write for your former self. This was helpful. It makes lots of sense and it organically incorporates the idea of flexibility from the previous point.

I suppose I have to figure out what aspect of my former self I want to write for now.

• Do I write for the person that wanted to start an indie biz
• Do I wrote for the software engineer?
• Do I just speak to the person who wanted to build cool shit?

Another way I have thought about framing the issue is to think about who I can help the most. Given all the skills I am only marginally qualified to write about, what group of people do I think I will be most helpful to?

The last influencing factor here is who I want to talk to on a daily basis
? I meant be qualified to speak to the remote worker but if they bore the shot out of me then I probably shouldn’t start investing all of my time towards appealing to them.

I’ll get there, I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.


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